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Welcome to our web site for hand crafted sailor's knotwork. The slide show will introduce you to the range of our work. We have been at it now for 25 years. Our designs are original, our materials are the best we can find, and our goal is for you to have unique products that can be enjoyed for years to come.

We sell our work through the retailers listed below. They are old friends. Just click on "Current Products" to find a catalog of our work and where it may be purchased. We have worked through the Sunken Ship for many years. They sell all of our work. Additional retailers sell selected items. In all cases, whether you visit the web site for the Toy Boat, also on Nantucket, the 1856 Country Store in Centreville, MA on Cape Cod, or Boca Grande Outfitters in Florida, you will find other items, like our knotwork, that are interesting and unique.

If you have any large orders for a single item or unusual requests, like our monkey fist key ring used as a napkin ring for a nautically themed wedding (page 8 in our retail catalog), you may contact us directly. Otherwise, please be in touch with our friends below who sell our work. You will find them listed for each item in the catalog.

Nantucket Knotworks

The Sunken Ship
Nantucket, MA

1856 Country Store
Centreville, MA

Boca Grande Outfitters
Boca Grande, FL

The Toy Boat
Nantucket, MA


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Charity Benz

Charity Benz
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